When I started this page, I just wanted to share my little trips around the Philippines. I never imagined myself actually visiting any of the provinces that can only be reached by plane. I am already ok with just watching travel shows and seeing in my tv monitor what’s in it in a certain island. Then a friend of mine took the liberty of booking me a flight to Cebu.
As a first time traveler, I was so excited so I ended up checking everything I want to see in the Queen City of the South and listed all the things I wanted to see and explore.
But no information found on the net gave me the real satisfaction that I had when I saw the beauty of Cebu with my very own eyes. The language, the people, the sites make my Cebu trip a memorable one.
20140621-191038-69038850.jpgAnd I forgot that I actually created an itinerary that all I did was to go here, eat there, check the souvenirs ion the nearby stores, etc. Well i guess that made my trip a bit more fun than I expected! That’s the start of my having a personal goal to visit one province each year! 
Just like an island, if you have that natural beauty you will float and be seen  no matter how huge the ocean is...

You heard it right, province; Just in the Philippines. I have no plan to go out of the country. But in 2013, through a company-sponsored trip, I was able to see the other side of the world. Together with some of my workmates, I visited Singapore for the first time. I was greatly impressed by how efficient the country’s transportation was. My appetite was in a high gear trying all that SG can offer. My eyes were in a feast by the tremendous view of this awesome country! That’s when I realized, I really want to travel more and share what I saw, learned, and ate! lol

So to anyone who were stocked with workloads and seems to be having no time and plan to travel, well let me say this, I know the feeling. What I can recommend to you is start seeing things, viewing places differently. Get excited, and get on a plane and explore the world! Good luck!